Radian. The Way Forward for Both Independent Radiology Practices and Freelance Radiologists


What Radian Offers Me

Radian offers independent radiology practices the opportunity to

not only compete, but in many instances gain a competitive advantage

over large corporate and multi-practice setups.

In doing so you will not loose your independence or name.

Gain many advantages of a large group but don't lose your

identity or be constricted by a corporate head office.


What Radian Offers The Freelance Radiologist:

With Radian Freelance, you are in complete control, able to work when and where you want. We will open the way for you to negotiate on-site terms with Radian member practices and you will be provided all software requirements free of charge.


Radian is the first of its kind in Australia and from what we have been able to ascertain, the world. Radian has yet to fill all vacancies, though there is a cap on the optimal number of practices